Diamond State Concert Band

The musicians

The musicians of the Diamond State Concert Band are united by our love of music and our commitment to community service. Our skill levels range from rank amateur to seasoned professional. Our youngest members are in middle school, while our oldest member is 80-something. We come from all walks of life.

We love to play music. Some of us have consented to provide email links for our names. If you need to contact us for information, or to see if we are interested in joining or substituting in your ensemble, or for any other reason, simply click on our names and drop us a note. 

lname fname instrument email email2
Allen Ruth Covell Bassoon RuthCAllen@earthlink.net
Archangelo Gabe Trumpet garchangelo@christianacare.org
Arnold Bud Sax, Bari
Baronio Kris Clarinet
Baronio Robert Asst.Conductor rbaronio@bsd.k12.de.us kbaronio@comcast.net
Baronio Robert Trumpet
Beaver Michael Trombone
Bittner Karl French Horn kwbittner@aol.com
Blomquist Peter Euphonium peter.blomquist@ssa.gov
Butler Tom Trombone fattyboy@aol.com
Carey Rebecca Flute becca281@hotmail.com
Cherrin Dennis Sax, Alto dcherrin@CI.wilmington.de.us
Cooke Sarah Flute
Cunningham Margaret Flute bobbcee@bellatlantic.net
Curley Karen Sax, Alto ChiSax@juno.com
Davis Bess Clarinet
Dean Megan Flute
Dobbs Vivienne Trumpet llamaskickbootay@aol.com
Donovan Shane Euphonium
Drumbore Brian Asst.Conductor bdrumbore@bsd.k12.de.us bjdrumbore@erols.com
Drumbore Brian Clarinet bdrumbore@bsd.k12.de.us bjdrumbore@erols.com
Dyer Dean Bassoon dlg@dyer.com
Einbrod Kurt Percussion drumstx539@att.net
Elzer Katie Flute ktplant@udel.edu
Falco Carl Clarinet s-carl.falco@usa.dupont.com
Fielder Greg Sax, Tenor fielderg@bellatlantic.net greg_fielder@hotmail.com
Fielder Katie Sax, Tenor fielderg@bellatlantic.net
Foley Anna Clarinet
Free Sharon Flute sfree@eddy.foamex.com
Gatos Paula Flute pgatos@ci.wilmington.de.us
Gawlinski Catherine French Horn
Gilbert Kathy Flute
Gilbert Katy Flute
Glick Randy Sax, Alto Randy.Glick@astrazeneca.com
Goldman Jerry Trumpet goldman@delaware.infi.net
Green Jane Clarinet jgreen7625@yahoo.com
Hart Annette Sax, Tenor saxynettie@aol.com
Hartline Tom Trombone hartco@prodigy.net
Hershberger Adam Trumpet hershy1114@hotmail.com
Hertig Sarah Clarinet s_hertig@yahoo.com
Higgs Victor Tuba
Holmberg Matt Euphonium mgholmberg@yahoo.com
Immediato Paul Trumpet
Jones Ben Clarinet
Kane Sean Sax, Alto skiman548@aol.com
Keller E. Lloyd Percussion fun2drum@hotmail.com
Kerr Missy Clarinet
Kilpatrick Tom Euphonium tomgkil@cs.com
Kirschner Aaron Clarinet acebrack@udel.edu
Kirschner Alan Clarinet, Bass baripharm@comcast.net
Kleppinger Sue Flute superklep@yahoo.com
Kramer Anne Clarinet annek113@aol.com
Kusel Carol French Horn kusel@del.net
Kusel Randy Percussion kusel@del.net
Lamy E. Richard Clarinet
Learn Karen Clarinet kelearn@juno.com
Lee Gene Clarinet glee01@comcast.net
Lee Sylvia Clarinet blackout5588@yahoo.com
Liauw Eugene Trumpet epenetus99@aol.com
Macheski Megan Flute flutemacheski@hotmail.com
Macturk Mark Trumpet
Maloney Holly Flute hpm1221@aol.com
Marks Clifford Trombone crmarks_98@yahoo.com
Mayforth Liz Clarinet
McKeown Teresa Flute
McManus Kevin Trumpet kmcmanus@alumni.nd.edu
Mignogna Pasquale (Pat) Sax, Alto Cplpmret@aol.com
Moley Dan Trombone
Moore Chris Tuba eddieg1602@earthlink.net ultima_8749@hotmail.com
Murray Greg Trumpet gdmurray@hotmail.com
Nelson Adrienne Flute adjnelson@aol.com
Newlon Martha Trumpet j7mnewlon@aol.com
Nicoll John Trumpet
Panariello Beth Flute elizabeth.panariello@GTE.net
Pino Rosario Trumpet
Press Bill Trumpet
Raphael Rik Trumpet sailorik@hotmail.com
Rave Terry Trombone twrave@aol.com
Remington Thom Tuba toureasy4u@yahoo.com thomas.f.remington@usa.dupont.com
Romano Anton Asst.Conductor
Romano Anton Euphonium
Rothrock Michael Percussion
Scott Laura Flute lscott@nemours.org, ChiFlute@aol.com
Sheppard Mert Trumpet sparkleplentyk@cs.com
Sherk Sarah Flute spatula2187@hotmail.com
Shook Amber Flute
Spangenburg John Trumpet JohnSpangenburg@yahoo.com
Stabley Debbie French Horn dstabley@nemours.org
Stabley Lynne Flute
Stahl Cynthia Flute stahl.cynthia@epamail.epa.gov
Sullivan Lynne Flute sullyds@comcast.net
Sweren Scott Trumpet s.sweren@att.net
Thomas Brad Trombone bradct@delanet.com
Troeber Dave Trumpet
Turssline Lauren Clarinet, Bass BBeachBabe182@aol.com
Verchick David Sax, Tenor Dverchick@aol.com
Verchick Jeremy Trumpet
Verchick Kyle Sax, Alto ToKool985@aol.com
Warner Matt Clarinet m_a_g_e_2000@yahoo.com
Waugaman Bill Trumpet CardinalApp@msn.com
Wilson Rise Clarinet
Wiltbank Rob Percussion robwiltbank@hotmail.com
Wu Kevin Clarinet dwu100560@aol.com
Yaremczak Jennifer Trumpet yaremczakjennifer@hotmail.com
Zoli Joe Trumpet

In Memoriam:
Gene Sieber 1922-1999
Lu Serfass, 1914-2000

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by Thom Remington