Diamond State Concert Band

Diamond State Concert Band
2019 Concert Schedule

Follow the links for maps to concert sites. Setup time is 30 minutes before each concert.


  • Concert attire, unless otherwise announced, is khaki slacks, shorts (if it's hot), or skirt and blue band shirt for summer concerts. For more formal concerts, please wear black slacks or skirt.
  • Unless otherwise announced, be sure to bring a music stand.
  • For outdoor concerts, bring clothespins or something similar to anchor your music. It will blow away if you don't anchor it!

Follow this link for the schedule formatted for printing.

Sunday, 6/2/2019

Bellevue State Park, 6:30-8:00p.m.

First concert of the season for Bellevue State Park Concert Series. Setup time is 5:30p.m. to give the Bellevue folks time to do a sound check. Attire is Blue Band Shirt and black long pants or skirt.


Sunday, 6/23/2019

Arden Courts of Wilmington, 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Summer Concert at Arden Courts, a memory care facility in North Wilmington.Address is 700 1/2 Foulk Rd. Wilmington DE 19803. Concert is outside on back patio and grass area. Concert dress is Blue Band Shirt and Khaki shorts or pants.


Wednesday, 7/10/2019

Brandywine Hundred Library, 6:30-7:30p.m.

We will be performing for the 6th Annual Summer Concert Series hosted by New Castle County Brandywine Hundred Library. Library is located at 1300 Foulk Rd, Wilm. DE 19803, next to Talley Day Park. Attire is Khaki & Blue.


Saturday, 7/20/2019

Cokesbury Village, 6:15m - 7:30pm

Outdoor Summer Concert 726 Loveville Road Hockessin, DE 19707 We will be playing outside on the back patio as after-dinner entertainment for the residents and guests of Cokesbury Village.


Past concerts this season

For scheduling information, please contact our Scheduling Secretary, either by e-mail at concerts@dscb.org or by calling the band's information line at 302-792-7070 and leaving a message.

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